Sculptures & artwork

KABER specialises in creating unique one-off sculptures and artwork.  Artists and Graphic Designers provide us with their drawings or small scale sculptures. These are developed into a 3D model, enlarged and analysed to determine the optimal method of manufacture. 

Our team of engineers select the best tooling for your 3D carving project from our 6-axis robot or one of our 3-axis CNC routers. We are experts in Polystyrene CNC. We are able to work in a wide variety of materials such as foam, plywood, alumabond, urethane and more.

Full scale sculptures or artworks are then carefully crafted by our team. 

We have been privileged to work with gifted artists to produce some Award-winning sculptures in excess of 5 metres tall.

The large scale finished products are displayed in galleries, as street art, in commercial exhibits, private collections, community areas and parks.