Commercial and Industrial


Automotive and Aero

KABER has extensive experience in producing precision patterns for cars and aircraft.

KABER is proud to provide ongoing sponsorship for several Australian Formula SAE teams assisting with pattern making and composites.




KABER has extensive experience in producing patterns for large scale architectural feature work.
These patterns range from small scale custom facades to large scale concrete pre-cast panels.




Concrete Void Form.jpg

Concrete Void Forms & Formwork

KABER is able to produce Void Forms or what is sometimes referred to as "sacrificial void form", "lost formwork", "polystyrene block-outs" or "Void former".
These are machined out of polystyrene form and used in the construction industry to create voids in concrete.




Products & Industrial

KABER is able to assist with the manufacture of a broad range of CNC machined and printed components across a wide range of local industries.